On-Farm Services

The Bowral Co-op offers a range of On-Farm Services including Agronomy, Animal Health and Water Management Solutions designed to support the diverse range of farmers across the Southern Highlands. Get the On-Farm advantage with the Co-op and book your On-Farm consultation today.

Agronomy Service


Bowral Co-op Agronomy Service:

Providing science based advice to improve productivity and efficiency of your land.

Tailoring seed and fertiliser recommendations to best suit your system.

Providing information on crop and pasture varieties that will encourage sustainable high livestock performance.

On site assessments of your whole farm system to provide you with up to date, relevant advice.

Co-op Agronomist Alex Good can build soil and pasture improvement plans tailored to your property and goals and help in the achievement of the plan with the supply of fertilsiers, pasture seed and advice & support in their application.

Book your Agronomy consultation today call Co-op Agronomist Alex Good

Phone: 0434 642 663 or email: agood@bowralcoop.com.au

Animal Health

Bowral Co-op Animal Health Services

         Providing advice help you achieve best practice and production
         Targeted nutritional planning to ensure best production and welfare including feed testing
         On farm consultation related to health, nutrition, welfare, biosecurity, production

Bowral Co- Op can help local producers in maintaining the health of their stock through disease identification and control, nutrition assessment and planning and fertility assessment and planning.

We stock an extensive range of animal and pet food products plus our retail store carries a number of vaccinations and other health products to help keep your stock in as good condition as possible.


Water Management Solutions



Irrigation  – Water tank installation, stock watering systems, Home Garden & Lawn irrigations systems, Pumps for dams, and ponds, Fire fighting pump systems, 

The Co-op water management team offer a wide range of services to support your property irrigation and stock watering system needs including water tank installations and maintenance.

Contact Chris Heathcote  for all your domestic or farm watering needs

Phone: 0438 383 001 Email: cheathcote@bowralcoop.com.au